painting /
processes for which scientific explanations do not exist

like a sorcerer in mythology EINS uses processes for which scientific explanations do not exist. like a religious figure or saint he seemingly creates these new works by miraculous means.

in these represantations EINS pours paints, ink and other liquids randomly, amazingly recognizable, "surreal" images become apparent.

because of societal consensus and imperative the rectangle still dominates our consciousness as the favored carrier of imagery.

to counter this entrenched formalism and as an act of liberation EINS uses broken up wooden panels - a shocking visual presence.

contrary to the opinion recently expressed by the senior art critic of a major daily in new york city creative expressions of historical importance are created in this city after all.

In this exhibition EINS continues in his trail blazing / pioneering ways. EINS is the founder and director of FASHION MODA as a cultural concept, he has done seminal research on liquid formation process and is presently implementing architectural design in harlem, USA.

this is to change the world


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