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'NO WAR' T-Shirt

in the fall of 2002 the cia determined that there was no evidence that weapons of mass destruction existed in iraq. nevertheless in march of 2003 george bush, who was elected under dubious* circumstances, declared war on iraq. it is the opinion of the author of these pages that in order to secure lasting global peace wars in the 21st century should not be fought without the approval of the united nations. in a recent speech at tufts university in massachusetts george bush sr., the former president, expressed his view that the issue of weapons of mass destruction in iraq "could be debated". there was no immediate need to go to war. millions of demonstrators all over the world agreed. not even a week into the war george bush requested $74.6 billion from congress for war expenses. some of this money will go to corporations and individuals, who in turn will support george bush' re-election in 2004.

* george bush's nickname: 'dubya' seems particularly appropriate.