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from another physics reality,
a FASHION 時裝 MODA МОДА project

Stefan Eins - Leonardo Da Vinci & Peter Paul Rubens

with Leonardo da Vinci & Peter Paul Rubens
NO WAR / a collaboration

ARTFORUM, April 2013

Stefan Eins - Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
Stefan Eins - The New York Times The New York Times
Stefan Eins - New Museum at the New Museum N.Y., 2014 ... 2114 ... 2214
Stefan Eins at the Whitney Museum, New York, 2015
the physics of liquid formation

the physics of liquid formation, review

Museum of Modern Art PS 1

other recent works
forever young
Stefan Eins - Who'sWho Who'sWho in America 2015
Stefan Eins Portrait [Self] PORTRAIT [SELF], every August 15th
Stefan Eins - Österreichische Galerie

Österreichische Galerie - Wien,
National Gallery - Vienna, 1991

the outrage of having to die
liquid steel / life
physics research

painting / processes for which
scientific explanations do not exist

"Art in America", July 2000
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