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from another physics reality,
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Stefan Eins - Leonardo Da Vinci & Peter Paul Rubens

with Leonardo da Vinci & Peter Paul Rubens
NO WAR / a collaboration

ARTFORUM, April 2013

Stefan Eins - The New York Times The New York Times
Stefan Eins - New Museum at the New Museum N.Y., 2014 ... 2114 ... 2214
the physics of liquid formation

the physics of liquid formation, review

Museum of Modern Art PS 1

other recent works
forever young
Stefan Eins - Who'sWho Who'sWho in America 2014
Stefan Eins Portrait [Self] PORTRAIT [SELF], every August 15th
Stefan Eins - Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
Stefan Eins - Österreichische Galerie

Österreichische Galerie - Wien,
National Gallery - Vienna, 1991

the outrage of having to die
liquid steel / life
physics research

painting / processes for which
scientific explanations do not exist

"Art in America", July 2000
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